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Tee Shirts
Hats and headgear
"Swim Suit or Shorts" - Nylon or polyester outfits are better than cotton, because they dry faster. Generally shorts and a T-shirt work fine. Make sure you bring river sandals that hold your heels in or old tennis shoes. No flip-flops, please.

Don't bring anything on the river you couldn't bear to lose.
"T-Shirts" - The staple of all rafting gear in California since water and rafting was invented. Nylon or polyester workout attire is also fine.
"Cap or visor" Bring one that fits and helps protect your head from the beating sun and ultra-violet reflective rays. But don't
"I wear my sunglasses at night" and on the river, too. "Sun Glasses" - with straps are best. We have some straps and Croakies available, but again, bring an old pair just in case.
"Tennis Shoes" are the best for grip, comfort and durability on the river. There are also many river shoes with great gripping soles. We have river booties (wetsuit boots) in some sizes. Call ahead for availability.
Shoes and footwear
We don't recommend soft-soled neoprene water proof socks.
Bring your nice toasty "Dry Clothes" for afterward. Same goes for those dry shoes (Yep - now you wear those Flip-Flops for the drive home).

Warm Clothing
Wet Clothing and Gear - We provide dry bags for on the river for your waterproof camera, sun screen, bottled water, granola bar or whatever you feel you need to take with us downriver. But it's also great to have a waterproof bag to switch into warm clothes from wet ones once we're finished.
"Cocktails and Brewskies" must be saved for the after party. You will have your hands full with a paddle and we will all have more fun if everyone is safe and sane. After rafting, for those over 21, we might even indulge a little with you. But not on the river.
Bags and Clothing
Bring "Sun Screen" and you will feel better afterward, Don't put it above your eyes, though, because it will drip in them when you sweat. Lip Balm is also recommnded.
Sun Screen
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